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About Us

Orbit Newswire combines the power of traditional media distribution with organic and paid social media advertisement, giving you an unprecedented audience targeting capability at a fraction of the cost compared to our competitors. With our paid social media advertising and media boost capability, you can target an audience down to a zip code level. Any country, state, city, or county- you name it, we can target it.

Orbit Newswire’s Express Distribution & Journalist Outreach is acknowledged by every scale of the company. Furthermore, providing detailed distribution report analytics gives a one-look overview of how your story has captured the market. 

Why Orbit Newswire?

Simple Submission

We have designed the PR submission process with just one click window. 

Quick Time Around

Our team is available 24/7 to make your you never exceed deadlines.

Detailed Report

Uniquely designed distribution report for easy understanding of distribution.

We Have More Than 200 Million of Readers Network

Orbit Newswire distribution network consist of over 200 Million organic readers from across the globe

Media Coverage

Top-tier publications help to get maximum media coverage.

Search Engine Growth

Our Distribution is highly SEO Friendly and help to boast your SERP’s

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We Deliver Good Results & Satisfaction

Our experienced team helps you to get desired results via our Express Distribution within just few clicks.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

We assume every customer is our priority and are satisfied with the results.

Worthy Result Delivered

Our Tailored and growth-optimized distribution network ensure the result delivered are worth the price spent.

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